jacques morel jr.

(n.) a natural communicator, jacques has interviewed hundreds of people including celebrities, politicians as well as folks on the street throughout new york city. he works and lives in brooklyn, ny.



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re: outlook -

Experience trumps clout. Try to find places that will let you learn the craft that you wish to succeed in. Internships, internships, internships. Only after you get the experience can you really utilize the clout.

- The Power of Influence: People in Media to Watch in 2018

re: process

The process begins with just keeping my ears and eyes open for trends. Has this sample appeared elsewhere before? Is this artist interview going to shed light on a deep cut of theirs? What does the Genius page say about this bar? The process begins by asking questions and then looking for the facts and visual representations to answer those questions. After that, it is editing (script), editing (video), and editing (the overall message).

- Jacques Morel from Genius talks storytelling, finding your passion, and creating lasting content.